The story of Hula

Born from necessity.

Everyone has an origin story

Owen McCrink was sick and tired of being let down by photobooth apps not delivering on their promises. Living up to the phrase, "if you want something done right, do it yourself", Owen took it upon himself to make his own range of photobooth apps that meet his standards and let his photobooth business grow. After dozens of iterations and lengthy periods of testing, he now shares the fruit of his labour with the world - Hula.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Hula is dedicated to making the highest quality and most reliable photobooth apps in the world, so everyone can share the best moments of their life with ease. With first hand experience in the photobooth industry, Hula apps are tested in the real world, at real events with real customers. This field hardening results in simple intuitive photobooth solutions that won't let you down.

What's Hula all about?

Field tested, easy to use photo booth apps that'll help your business grow.

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