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An alternative to Snappic

Hula Booth Pro and Snappic are both iPad based photo booth apps that are available for download on the iTunes App Store.

Let’s look at how they both differ.


Babeland has three tiers of subscription packages (Standard, Premium, Enterprise) so for the most accurate comparison, we’ve chosen the plan which provides users access to all the app’s features - the same as Hula Booth Pro.

Where Babeland stands apart from Hula Booth is its offering of a green screen feature, however, the limitations placed on users with regards to storage of images, camera control and inability to function offline has Hula Booth placed as the clear (unbiased) winner in our eyes!

Feature Comparison

Hula Booth



Hula Booth only offers the free version and the Pro version. Snappic has three plans with different price points: Pro, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus. We have compared Enterprise as a middle ground.


With Hula Gallery:


We don’t limit how many devices you use your Hula Booth account on. Snappic’s Enterprise plan is limited to one device, with the option to add on additional devices for an extra $99.



Email Sharing

Hula allows you to fully customise your email, from text and subject, to reply-to email address and from name. Snappic includes email sharing but charges an extra fee of $69/pm for white labelled emails.


SMS Sharing

Hula Booth Pro allows you to connect your own SMS provider via Twilio and Messagebird. Snappic offers free SMS sharing if you’re in the US or Canada. There are additional fees and limitations for international users.


Attract Screens

Snappic allows you to add master overlays as attract screens for your event. You can add your company logo or customize it to suit the theme of the event. Hula Booth does not have this feature, but it's coming very soon.



On both apps you can upload your own overlays and logos to be used on all image modes. Snappic also offers a frame layout creator.


Digital Props

Snappic Enterprise uses face-tracking software for its digital props. Hula is currently working on implementing this feature!



Both apps offer cloud storage and management. Hula Booth allows you to connect OneDrive and Dropbox.



Hula Gallery offers white labelled gallery hosting which integrates seamlessly with Hula Booth, but is an additional $20/pm. It can also be used for hosting images from your other booths allowing your business to have one gallery URL for all events. Snappic offers in-app password protected galleries and customizable microsites.


DSLR Connections

Hula doesn’t offer a DSLR option. We like keeping our iPad booths simple without having to add in extra hardware (digital director and DSLR). Snappic does offer the connection though.


White Labelling

Hula Booth lets you white label logos, colours, all text, email addresses, phone numbers and URLs. Snappic allows for custom branding and for an additional fee, you can white-label URLs, emails and access a white label portal.



Snappic advertises that they are cloud-based and event creation is done off-app, but they do provide an offline background-queue should cloud servers fail (again). We don’t rely on our own cloud servers, so we won’t crash!



Both apps offer printing via AirPrint. Snappic also allows you to connect your iPad via cable to your computer for direct printing.


Data Capture and Analytics

Both apps capture event analytics and data, including email address and phone numbers which can be downloaded in an Excel sheet.


Camera Control

Both apps allow you to manually adjust the white balance settings to suit your event lighting conditions.


Green Screen

Snappic offers green screens as a feature, which super-imposes guests on a background of their choosing. They also have animated green screens. Hula Booth has something in the works that will allow users to have this feature without the need for a green screen.


Full Support

Snappic’s Enterprise plan offers priority support. Hula supports all users quickly and equally!


Apps compared in April 2019.

Are we missing a feature on the apps or comparing wrong? Let us know at

The lowdown

There are things Hula Booth has and things it doesn't

Hula Booth does not have

Attract ScreensComing soon
Green ScreensComing soon

But we do offer...

Cloudless software
Full sharing options

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