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How much is Hula Booth?

Hula Booth is free to use.

However, you can purchase Hula Booth Pro for $30/mo and get the full use of the app, including white labelling, overlays, SMS sharing, adding your own SMTP server and much more!

What sharing options are available?

Those using the free app are able to use email sharing.

For those using Hula Booth Pro, you can also share via email (and customise your send name and reply-to email address), and also enable SMS sharing through Twilio and Messagebird.

You can also use AirDrop and the iOS sharing extensions for even more options.

Can I sync to The Cloud?

Hula Booth Pro supports the syncing of all image assets to either Dropbox or OneDrive.

Use these services to easily create galleries and share images without having to manually save and distribute from your iPad.

Can I print my photos?

Still Images can be printed from Hula Booth using cloud automation software. We suggest using Hot Folder Monitoring, Google Cloud Print or Mac Automator.

AirPrint is also possible when running your event on WiFi, it can be found under the ‘AirDrop’ button after an image has been captured.

Can I customise my app?

App customisation is restricted to Hula Booth pro users.

If you pay to unlock, you will be able to change White Label details including your logo, app colours, default texts and use your own customised overlays. You can also use a custom ‘Reply-to’ email address, and bring your own email and text messaging providers.

Where can I find the data from my events?

To download your event report (complete with the number of shares, email addresses and phone numbers), click on your event’s name in the home screen. Here you will see the numerical data from the event, but you also have the option to ‘Export Event Data’ to download an excel file with further details.

Can I use the app on more than one device?

Yes! You can use the app on multiple devices at once - we don’t put a limit on it.

Are there virtual props?

The Hula Booth team are currently working on this feature as well as green screens. Keep an eye out for them in 2019!

Do I need an internet connection to run the app?

No! Without internet access, your app will run as normal. However, your guests will be restricted to sharing via AirDrop and you will only be able to save images directly to your device - but you can always upload later.

Can the same events be used across iPads?

Not at the moment. If you are using more than one photo booth at the one event, you would need to create an event on each device. This means that if you’re using Dropbox or OneDrive to save your photos, it would be best to name the events slightly different (e.g. Harry’s Party 1 and Harry’s Party 2) so that there’s no confusion with the folders. However, if you’re using Hula Gallery to host your images, it will recognise that the events have the same name and store all images in the same folder!  

Is text message sharing restricted to the country I am in?

Hula Booth Pro allows you to either lock or unlock the country code for text message sharing with Twilio and Messagebird. If you have international guests attending your event, leave the code unlocked so that they too can receive their images. Make sure to check with your SMS provider to find out the fees for international text messages as rates will vary.

Can I use my own mail server?

Yes! To get started, you enter your SMTP server details in the app’s Sharing Settings. You will then be able to send from your own domain name, keep track of all items that are sent from the app, and your emails won’t be marked as spam!

Can the Exposure on Image Modes be Adjusted?

Yes! Hula Booth gives you the option of automatic or manual exposure. If you choose manual exposure, you will have the option of adjusting the ISO and White Balance (red, green, blue). This can be done within an event by clicking on the Hula logo at the top of the screen three times, which will bring up the exposure icon in the bottom left corner.

Hula has made the conscious decision not to use our own cloud servers, as this means that we can’t crash. Rather than using our own servers, we work with two of the most popular storage providers: Dropbox and OneDrive.

What is Hula Booth?

Hula Booth is an iPad based photo booth app designed for capturing Still Images, GIFs and Burst GIFs.

You can create and run events in the app within minutes, share and store images, and customise your app settings to suit your needs.

Who uses Hula Booth?

Hula Booth is designed to be functional for any user, regardless of your experience levels using photo booths. It can be used for any event big or small, and it’s so simple even the oldies will be able to work it!

What devices are compatible with Hula Booth?

Hula Booth works with iPads running iOS 11.0 or later.

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