Hula Booth Update: V.1.4.0

Hula Booth V.1.4.0 is finally about to go live on the App Store and it's packed with new features!

We're Changing Our Billing System... Again

Hula Booth's billing system is changing once again, but this time it's out of our control.

We're Presenting at Photo Booth Biz Conference 2019

In a few weeks, Hula will be making the trip to Photo Booth Biz Conference to do a live demo of both the apps - and you can score tickets to see us there for free!

Using Twilio for Lead Generation on Hula Booth

Enabling SMS sharing at your events can be a great lead generation tool if it's done right. Configure your Twilio account to receive responses from share messages directly to your mobile!

New Hula Gallery Feature: Live Feed

Hula Gallery has now released a new feature to make your events even more engaging. Test out live feed now!

Translating Text on Hula Booth

Hula Booth's customizable text can be used in many ways, but we find it's best for our non-English speaking market!

What's Hula all about?

Field tested, easy to use photo booth apps that'll help your business grow.

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